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Putting a lot of thought and taking time to select new eyeglasses will ensure that they reflect your personality. Picking the right pair of eyeglasses is essential for corrective and preventive vision solutions. They will help to protect your eyes, gain clear vision and safeguard from glare and digital eye strain.


It can be difficult for people to select the eyeglasses that best suit them. We can help you with that.

At Bellemore Optometry, we offer excellent eye care along with various products and services including comprehensive eye examinations, eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. Our optical team and optometric assistants work closely with our optometrist to ensure that your eye care needs are met throughout the whole process.

In this blog post, our expert staff discuss the tips that you can follow while purchasing eyeglasses.


1. The right prescription

It is crucial to have an updated prescription while selecting glasses. If your prescription is not updated, you will end up buying the wrong lenses that may result in headaches and worsen your vision in the long term. Come and visit our dedicated optometrist and get your updated eye prescription. Ensure that the optical team checks the pupillary distance and height. This measurement must be precise so that the centre of the lens is in line with your eye’s centre.


2. Know your nose

It is important for you to be familiar with the shape of your nose and it should be considered while selecting the right style of eyeglasses. The nose is the part of the face that supports the glasses. The thickness of the nose bridge can determine how firmly various types of frames fit. It can also impact the distance of the lenses from your eyes. For maximum comfort, ensure that the frames you select don’t slide down and pinch the nose too much.


3. Ear protection

Apart from the nose, the ears also provide good support for glasses. Ensure that the frames don’t put too much pressure on the ears as it’s a major comfort factor. If the arms of the glasses are too tight on the temple, it can cause indentation marks and serious health problems.


4. Lens design

Lens design is critical for your vision and lifestyle needs. Sometimes more than one pair is necessary; other times one design can meet most of your needs. Our highly qualified optometrists and optical team can help determine what is right for you – single vision, bifocals or progressive lenses.


5. Lens material

Select the material that will be best suited to your lifestyle. The lenses you select may be influenced by five major factors which are comfort, vision, appearance, durability and safety. There is a wide variety of lens materials at our stores including glass, polycarbonate, high-index, aspheric, digital and high definition design.


6. Add-ons

Most extra features offer real benefits to the user but ultimately depend on what your exact needs are. Our knowledgeable optometrists and optical team can recommend coatings that would be best suited for your vision and lifestyle.


Anti-reflective lenses: Reduces reflections and glare. Makes the lenses appear invisible.

This is suitable for people working with computers all day or bothered by glare while driving at night.


Polarized lenses: Enhance contrast and eliminates glare.

This is suitable if you are driving in the sun or engaging in outdoor activities.


High-index plastic

Benefits: Thinner, lighter, better optics, less aberrations and distortions.

Suitable for high prescriptions.


Polycarbonate lenses

Benefits: Impact resistant

This is suitable if you are buying glasses for a kid, industrial settings or sports


Transition lenses

Benefits: Automatically darken and lighten, depending on the light.

This is suitable if you move between outdoors and indoors a lot.


Aspheric aberration

Benefits: Reduces aberrations and increases comfort, while making lenses thinner


Let Us Help

At Bellemore Optometry, we try to exceed your expectations with our caring, personalized service. We offer excellent products, high-quality customer care, in-depth product knowledge and innovations that stay ahead of trends. We also offer contact lens reorder service online.

Call us to learn more about our services.


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