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Designer Sunglasses in Windsor and Tecumseh

Your sunglasses are much more than just a style statement. They protect your eyes if you suffer from light sensitivity and help prevent sunlight-related vision problems. When it comes to finding the perfect sunglasses for you, we can help. Bellemore Optometry and Eyes on Tecumseh provide an exclusive range of stylish and comfortable sunglasses in Windsor and Tecumseh. You can choose from different styles, shapes and colours of sunglasses based on your style or vision needs. We have a wide range of designer and brand name sunglasses available.

Tiffany & Co. Sunglasses Frames 

View our entire line of Tiffany & Co. sunglasses frames. Since Charles Lewis Tiffany founded his company in New York City in 1837, Tiffany has become synonymous with elegance, innovative design, fine craftsmanship and creative excellence. Schedule a viewing appointment today. 

Sunglasses for Every Need

At Bellemore Optometry, we know that when it comes to sunglasses, all needs are different. We carry a comprehensive range of sunglasses and regularly update our inventory with the latest styles and designer brand name products. We offer both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses in various frames, styles and colours. Our lens options for sunglasses include:

  • Prescription

  • Single vision

  • Bifocal

  • Trifocal

  • Polarized

  • Progressive

  • Photochromic (transition)

  • Mirror finished

  • Safety

  • Gradient

Whether you need sunglasses for driving, hiking, water sports, or other outdoor activities, we have options for you. Our experienced team will help you find the right sunglasses based on your unique vision needs, style, and budget.

Types of Sunglasses We Offer

At Bellemore Optometry and Eyes on Tecumseh, we have a wide range of sunglasses available to suit all your eyecare needs. These include:

  • Designer

    Face the sun in style with our range of high fashion, designer sunglasses from brands like Tiffany & Co. They provide the needed protection from UV rays and a touch of elegance so that you don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style to go out.

  • Prescription

    Sunglasses with prescription lenses allow you to wear your glasses outside with 100% UV protection. You can choose from various materials to suit your style, like photochromatic, polarized, etc.

  • Clip-on lenses

    Upgrade your regular prescription glasses with clip-on sunglass lenses for added UV protection. They are a much more affordable alternative to custom prescription sunglasses and can be clipped on or removed at your convenience. Their compact nature makes them easy to carry as well.

Tips for Choosing Sunglasses

No matter what season it is, choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses for stepping out in the sun is a great way to protect your eyes while showcasing your style. However, it’s essential to consider certain factors before purchasing your next pair of shades so that there’s no stone left unturned when it comes to protection, such as:

  • Purpose for buying: If you are buying sunglasses for a specific purpose, say driving, then general purpose glasses are a good fit as they provide a 60-92% blockage of visible light and UVA rays, along with a 95-99% blockage of UVB rays. On the other hand, light tinted glasses can be used for cosmetic purposes.

  • Correct fit: Take time to try on different pairs of sunglasses to find the right fit for your face.

  • Lens quality: Buying good quality lenses can make a significant difference in the quality of your vision and vision performance in sports.

  • Frame quality: Buying good quality frames is essential to withstand an active lifestyle.

  • Style: Express your unique style and choose from a large selection of frames ranging from sporty to high fashion and designer.


Benefits of Sunglasses

Apart from being a style accessory, sunglasses offer countless benefits for your eye and vision health, such as:

Sun protection: The sun's UV rays have many damaging effects on our eyes. Sunglasses shield your eyes from these rays and eliminate the risk of many conditions associated with them.

Enhance vision clarity: Sunglasses minimize the sun's glare and help you see more clearly so that you can comfortably participate in outdoor activities.

Protect your eyes from debris: Dust and debris entering your eyes can cause irritation and eye injuries like scratches. Sunglasses can help form a protective layer around your eyes.

Prevent macular degeneration: Macular degeneration, a condition causing vision impairment, and a leading cause of blindness, is accelerated by UV rays. Sunglasses can help shield your eyes from UV rays.

Reduce the severity of migraines: Bright sunlight can trigger migraines and cause extreme pain. Sunglasses can limit the effect of the sun and help you control your migraines.

Minimize the risk of cataracts: Cataracts, a condition that involves clouding up of the eye lens, can be speeded up by the sun. Sunglasses reduce your eyes' exposure to the sun and lessen your risk of cataracts.

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At Bellemore Optometry, improving your eye health is our priority. We offer eye examination services to detect your vision problems. We also provide eyeglasses and emergency eye care services.


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Find your next pair of sunglasses from our wide selection of designer and brand name frames.

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