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How to choose the right contact lenses?

Whether you have a visual impairment or see blurrier shapes than you should, there are several types of eye contact lenses to enrich your life. Choosing between various types can be challenging, but research is essential to correcting vision problems.

Read on for tips and tricks on choosing the best contact lenses in Windsor and Tecumseh for your specific needs.

Right contact lenses for your eyes from Bellemore Optometry in Windsor and Eyes on Tecumseh

Know Your Frequency

Most people who wear contacts in Canada also wear glasses. They switch between the two at different times. This means that not everyone will wear contacts with the same frequency.

If you want to wear them only on weekends or special occasions, you'll likely be prescribed soft daily disposable contacts. Most people enjoy daily disposable lenses out of convenience. Daily disposable contact lenses offer a healthier option than wearing the same contacts day after day.

However, those who want to wear their contacts daily can also try hard contacts. Hard lenses are rigid and can make your vision even sharper than soft contacts do.

An optical health professional will discuss your options based on your specific needs. Consider your preferences before making a decision.

Additional Problems With Your Eyes

Those who use contact lenses sometimes experience vision and comfort problems. However, they may have other issues as well.

Chronic dry eyes and seasonal allergies are two of the most common and relevant issues. Some contact brands won't accommodate these problems and don't work well for vision care. Usually, you'll need daily disposable contact lenses because they limit eye irritants and prevent infections.

Consider Multiple Types of Eye Contact Lenses

Hard lenses are also called gas-permeable (GP) lenses. They're firmly structured and won't succumb to the same wear and tear that soft lenses do. They also make vision sharper and reduce eye irritation.

Soft lenses also work well for those who want an easy-to-adjust-to material. They're extremely comfortable and let oxygen pass through the cornea. However, they also will need to be replaced more frequently. 

Other Options

However, these contact lenses aren't for everyone.

Some people may need multifocal contacts that are similar to their glasses counterparts. They offer two different prescriptions in different parts of the eye and therefore take some getting used to, but they help people correct both nearsightedness and farsightedness at once.

Toric soft contacts or rigid gas permeable contacts are necessary for correcting astigmatism. Soft Toric lenses have markings and need to be in the right position upon insertion.

Talk with your eye doctor to discuss the best contact lens option to meet your specific needs.

Get Started With Contacts in Windsor and Tecumseh

Knowing how to choose the right contact lenses in Windsor and Tecumseh is the first step toward correcting vision problems.

Now that you have some of the most important tips and tricks, it's time to learn more about the types of eye contact lenses available. Contact Bellemore Optometry and Eyes on Tecumseh  for a vision ,eye health and detailed contact lens evaluation.


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