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Your vision changes as you grow older. Accurate eye prescriptions can provide you excellent vision and comfort during your daily tasks. Prescriptions over a year old might no longer work for your vision. Though it might feel like your eyeglasses are working correctly, it might not always be the case. With changing vision, you need to update your prescription regularly. Consult an optometrist if you notice problems with your vision or experience eye pain. Rely on Bellemore Optometry and Eyes on Tecumseh for a comprehensive eye examination to diagnose any vision changes and eye health problems. We also offer a wide variety of designer frames for sunglasses and eyeglasses that meet your unique lifestyle and vision needs.

Here are 5 signs that you might need new eyeglasses:


Recurring headaches can be one of the warning signs of a change in your vision. Even if you can see properly using your current eyeglasses, it might be time to update your prescription to correct the problem. Your brain and eyes work tirelessly to adjust your focus, thereby resulting in a headache and eye strain. If you are experiencing frequent headaches, consult your optometrist for comprehensive vision and eye health examination. Usually, people with nearsightedness experience headaches in the front of the head and around the eyes. With farsightedness, headaches often occur behind and around the eyes during computer screen time or reading for extended periods of time.


Squinting can help you see clearly as a small concentrated amount of light is let into your eyes, leading to improved vision. Temporarily, it will get the job done, but it can lead to a terrible headache. You might need an updated prescription if you find yourself squinting when using digital devices or reading a book. You might also squint if the digital devices are unusually bright or while driving a vehicle.

Eye Fatigue

Eye fatigue is caused due to continuous straining of your eyes over phones and computer screens for an extended period. Other reasons for eye fatigue are allergies or lack of sleep. Sufficient rest can help reduce eye fatigue. If your eye fatigue does not improve after a good sleep, it might be due to changing vision

Blurred Vision

A sudden or occasional blurring of vision is a sign of changing vision. You might notice a loss of focus in one or both the eyes. Update your prescription and check if the blurriness is due to some other medical conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration or diabetes.

Old Eyeglasses

If you use the same eyeglasses for many years, it’s time to have an eye exam and get new eyeglasses. Your vision changes with time, so yearly eye exams will help you get updates to your prescription. Other reasons to change old eyeglasses are:

- Scratched lenses on your eyeglasses can affect your vision

- Outdated glasses can be changed to incorporate newer innovations that can help enhance your vision

- Special coatings on eyeglasses tend to break down, causing difficulty in cleaning them. Replace the glasses for comfortable vision

Consult an optometrist for a regular eye examination if you are experiencing any of the above signs. Comprehensive eye exams can detect early eye health problems such as cataracts, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Eye examinations can save your life especially when headaches are concerned. Eye misalignment, headaches, transient vision loss and sudden vision loss can occur with serious and life threatening conditions. It is better to find out you need a new prescription than to postpone your eye examination to avoid needing new glasses. Your life may depend on it.


Get in touch with Bellemore Optometry for exceptional vision and eye care services. Our trusted optometrists evaluate your eye problems through advanced diagnostic testing methods, such as digital retinal imaging, optical coherent topography and visual field testing.


Contact us today for eye exams and glasses in Windsor and Tecumseh.


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