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Protect Your Eyes with Blue Light Glasses in Windsor and Tecumseh

Blue light glasses protect your eyes from harmful blue light, both indoors and outdoors. It is primarily beneficial for those who regularly work with digital screens and devices. At Bellemore Optometry and Eyes on Tecumseh, we offer blue light protective lens coatings with our wide selection of lenses and optical frames at our two locations in Windsor and Tecumseh.


Blue light glasses can help filter out or block the blue light waves. Nowadays, with increased exposure to LEDs and technology, developing a chronic exposure to blue light is not a new phenomenon.

What is Blue Light and How it Affects The Eyes

Your eyes are sensitive to a narrow band of light wavelengths, ranging from blue to red. Blue has a short wavelength and high energy, while red has a long wavelength and low energy. Considering the present working conditions and busy work schedules, humans overuse the sources of blue light like computer monitors, smartphone screens, LED lights, and others.


Even though these generate low intensity, their frequent use can cause eye strain. Blue light scatters more in the eyes, creating visual noise. The visual noise affects your eyes and can be a major cause of digital eye strain.


In addition, the sun is a natural source of blue light and helps maintain the sleep cycle. Extended and regular use of blue light sources (phone screens, etc.) can alter your sleep patterns at night due to the artificial blue light from these devices.


At Bellemore Optometry, we can assist you in maintaining your eye health. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for more information.

Uses of Blue Light Glasses and Lenses 

One of the essential purposes of blue light glasses is that they can protect your eyes from the potentially harmful effects of blue light. For some, blue light glasses have proved effective when it comes to reducing headaches and digital eye strain, or in improving sleep quality.

Blue light glasses are often called computer glasses, since they can protect your eyes from the exposure to blue light that comes from computer monitors and digital screens. The blue light lenses have filters that help prevent the UV and blue light from entering your eyes.

Benefits of computer Glasses

Using glasses for vision correction is not new. However, different lenses are used for specific purposes. For instance, computer lenses vary from regular vision correction glasses. Computer lenses are designed to help reduce your eye strain, primarily associated with computer use.


You can experience the following benefits of computer glasses:

  • They can help manage glare reduction
  • They help increase the contrast
  • They allow you to work on the screen for more extended periods
  • They have an anti-reflective coating that bounces blue light
  • They help prevent computer-related headaches


If you experience regular headaches and eye strain, it is best to consult an eye doctor.


Protect your eyes with blue light glasses from Bellemore Optometry and Eyes on Tecumseh.

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